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Lena Levi

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The Lena Levi No2 angled brush makes it possible to create smooth lines and apply delicate shading.
The Lena Levi No 4 angled brush with artificial bristles of medium density is an ideal instrument for working with BrowXenna®.
The angled Lena Levi No 6 brush with artificial bristles provides soft lines and gentle eyebrow shading. The optimal size of the plate allows the brush to work well with thick and wide eyebrows.
Brush #0 is a universal instrument for comfortably combing eyelashes, and giving eyebrows their ideal shape.
The Lena Levi No 3 angled brush makes incredibly precise lines and does perfect contour drawing.
The Lena Levi No 5 angled brush with flexible artificial bristles guarantees ultra-precise lines and perfect contour outlining.
The Lena Levi No7 ultra-fine brush with movable artificial bristles perfectly fills the tail, giving it a clear shape.
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